Gareth Hougham, IBM Research and HVAS, Chris Lutz, Don Eigler of IBM Research Los Gatos California, Brien Hindman of Doghead and Blue Sky Studios, and Carol Landers, Director of Research New York City Ballet.

A few years ago, I saw a photograph in the NY City Ballet season brochure of a circle of signets from Swan Lake. I was immediately reminded of the quantum corral structures that Don Eigler and Chris Lutz create by arranging atoms one by one, using a scanning tunneling microscope, close enough that their wave functions interfere to form an electron standing wave. For real, not simulated.

For this image, Carol Landers of NYC Ballet provided the original Swan Lake photograph and feedback throughout the process. Chris and Don constructed a 20 cobalt atom corral to match the photograph of Swans around the lake.

The two worlds of art and science together evoke this primal creation myth scenario. ggh

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