Ossining Parks

Ossining Park Information

Call recreation dept. for further information at 941-3189


Organized youth soccer-- For info call Ossining recreation dept.
Organized adult leagues-- Will post phone number soon.
Pickup games at Nelson park. International standard (not for the faint-of-heart) Will post phone number soon.

Ice Skating

Veterans' Park
941-3189 Open only during park hours
Bear Mountain
State Park
786-2701 Small rink, picturesque setting, almost always open
Edward Murray Rink
Tuckahoe Rd.
377-6469 , 377-6470 Full sized, indoor
Ebersole Rink
White Plains
422-1348 , 422-1390 Full sized, semi-indoor
Teatown Lake Reservation
762-2912 Lake skating, often snow covered. Skate at own risk, no supervision
Westchester Skating
Academy, Elmsford
347-8232 New private facility. Indoor, 3 rinks. Call for schedule


Louis Engel Park on the Hudson River

The beach at the Louis Engel Park on the water front is ideal for sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics, kayaking, dogwalks (pick up after your pooch!). Stunning scenery which inspired a generation of painters. Also, a boat launch on the other side of the park available for $5.00/ day, or $45./season for residents and $90./season for non-residents. No boat storage. (However, sailboat moorings, and storage of canoes, kayaks, rowing shells, and boats trailers are available through the Ossining Canoe Club adjacent to the park).

Swimming in Hudson NOT recommended due to strong tidal currents!

Cedar Lane Park Lake

The beach at the Cedar Lane Park is on a small lake. This park is new and policy concerning permitted uses of the lake has not yet been established. However, rowboats are likely, and sailing of model sailboats from this beach and the lake perimeter is ideal.


Bring your own horseshoes. Pits available on first-come/first-serve basis.


Pavilions available for special events, parties, etc. Call recreation dept. for reservations and policy. 941-3189


Swimming for all ages in pools at Community Center and Cedar Lane Park. Call rec. dept. for further info. 941-3189



Great fishing in Hudson River (Striped Bass 40 pounders, shad, bluefish,) and good family fishing on lake at Cedar Lane Park. Lead fishing weights discouraged for wildlife protection.


Hiking on Crawbuckie Beach nature trails great for bird watching. Hiking at Cedar Lane park for deer, wild Turkey, and Coyote spotting. Also beautiful rock formations.
Take precautions for Lyme Ticks.


Tracks open without reservation except during scheduled events.


Bocce is an outdoor game involving bowling a fist-sized ball down a lane toward another ball. The closest wins. A traditional sport in Lower East Side New York and Italy. Lots of fun and good for all ages.


Tennis in Ossining requires a permit.
Clay courts (Hartrue) at Nelson Park. $45./season for adult, $27.50/season under 18 years old., $5./day.
All asphalt courts. $35./season adult, $17.50/season under 18 years old, $1.00/day.


In addition to the manicured clay courts, Nelson Park also has an asphalt court with a backboard.
Asphalt courts at Veteran's park newly refurbished.


Call recreation dept. for info on indoor basketball during winter. 941-3189


Call recreation dept. for scheduled events and for reservations. 941-3189


Call recreation dept. for information on playgrounds . 941-3189



Call recreation dept. for further information 941-3189


There are no official equestrian facilities in Ossining (yet). However, the Old Croton Aqueduct Park, which is a linear state park running for 30 miles from New York City to the Croton Dam, IS an officially designated bridal path. The Old Croton Aqueduct park runs through Ossining for several miles. Gerlach Park in Ossining is an ideal starting point as you can park your horse trailer and ride 50 yards to get onto the Aqueduct. It's about a 4 mile ride to Croton Dam from there. Bathroom facilities. Water fountain. For information on the Old Croton Aqueduct, call the New York State parks dept. Taconic region. (718) 595-3506 or (718) 595-3483 for a walker's guide to the aqueduct.


Call the recreation dept. for information on restroom hours, etc. 941-3189


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