Ossining Photographs

Old Ossining Photographs II

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Photographs provided by the Ossining Historical Society and private loaners.

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Mill with water wheel (image 84 Kb)
Under Aqueduct Double Arch
on KillBrook Stream

Aqueduct Double Arch (image 96 Kb)
Adventurous kids look on
during photo shoot

Blowup of Double Arch (image 112 Kb)
kids pose for camera, and two bravest
balance on ledge

Hudson River Monuments

Nicholas O'Brien, Jr. the proprietor of this Marble and Stone Factory
located on Water Street was a noted craftsman in Sing Sing at the time.
The firm was established in 1852 and the building still stands. The marble industries associated with
Hudson communities were noteworthy. By the 1820s sources of building
materials were greatly needed for the tremendous growth faced by New York
City (a result from the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825). Sing Sing
(Prison) was one of the quarries for the supply of "Westchester Marble"
before the Civil War.

Main Street Ossining (image 160 Kb)
1896 Presidential Campaign William Jenning Bryan (Democrat)
lost to President McKinley (Republican)

Main Street--Same as above but high resolution. Worth the wait (image 860 kb)

Barlow Building c. 1895 (image 115 Kb)

Main Street Ossining c. 1893 (image 235 Kb)

Main Street Ossining c. 1870 (image 110 Kb)

SS Ossining. Built from fire remains of the former Sarah Jenks (image 180 Kb)

The Emaline or Colchester c. 1890 (image 330 Kb)

The Sarah Jenks (image 265 Kb)

Water Pump Station, Old Rt. 9 c. 1885 (image 200 Kb)
now Anthony L. Fiorito, inc. Excavator


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